Interviewing Contractors

I’m meeting the first contractor today.  Well, I should back up.  After a week of worrying, I got word that the HUD inspector had come up with a list of must-dos that he thought would work in my budget.  And I think I can live with his list, so we are on track.

My mortgage broker explained to me what conditionally approved means – it means I’m as approved as I’m going to get at this stage in the game, which is great news!  Obviously, some stuff is still pending – I haven’t gotten homeowner’s insurance yet, and I haven’t had an appraisal yet because that depends upon the contractor’s statement of work — but that stuff is all supposed to be pending right now.  Hooray.

I have been trying to get in touch with contractors who have experience with 203(k) projects and work in Raleigh and have been recommended to me in some way.  Some folks have great recommendations, but won’t travel here for a project as small as mine.  That makes sense to me, even though, to me, this project is megabucks.  Some are here, but aren’t interested in my small potatoes, and one I emailed with said he didn’t think he could work in my budget.  I have champagne tastes, even in my contractors!  But I have interviews with two men lined up, and I’d like to interview at least one more.  [Where my lady general contractors at?]  That would yield three estimates.  That is a lot of my time, and a lot of my long suffering broker’s time (she has to be there at the house for the estimate, too), but, again, too me, it’s a lot of moolah!!

So wish me luck.  Here’s a shot of my inspiration for the exterior redesign.

From 1970s split to The Biltmore, on less than $40K! KIDDING!


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