Monday, Monday

Tomorrow I meet another contractor.  Hopefully between him and contractor #1, I’ll get an estimate that gets the must-haves addressed.  Hope, hope, hope!

I’d really like to move from the must-haves to the wants.  I love making where I live pretty.  I love to decorate, especially if that involves crafting or mess-making (two different, but highly related activities).  But the house is not move in ready.  It is not ready for my craftiness!  So I have to make myself content with window-shopping, pinning things on Pinterest, and day-dreaming.

All this to say, (1) consider yourselves on notice, there WILL be a painting party! and (2) look at the gorgeous, gorgeous things that Green Front Interiors has just down the street from me.  Their stuff is not cheap (ergo, not in my price range) but it is well-made and really nicely curated.


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