Kitchen Inspiration

On Monday, my awesome buyer’s agent showed up with this little number.  She brought it as kitchen inspiration after reading my last post.  Don’t you just love it?


Kitchen inspiration – teal dutch oven. Love.

Nice shot of the kitchen counters as they currently are.  I need to take a better shot so you can see the edging – they look a little DIYed.  Even better, Mary Brett had bought me a diet Coke and it was tucked inside that baby.  She knows me so well!

Contractor #3 was delightful, and I knew he would be because he is married to a dear friend and came highly recommended.  I just hope that in addition to being delightful, he is a magical budget-stretching renovation genie, because it turns out the leak from the master bathroom’s shower stall isn’t just the drain ($), but is in fact the shower pan ($$$).

Fingers crossed, and if anyone sees a magic lamp, rub it for Casa Elephant Culo.  She needs some good luck!


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