This is really happening.

I put up on Facebook the other day that I was kind of startled by the realization that, once this home purchase goes through, I will be the owner of three toilets.  THREE TOILETS!  Isn’t that wild?  Me!  An owner of multiple toilets, hooked up to plumbing and everything.  Not like the toilet I own now, which is in my backyard and is a planter for irises and morning glories.

As far as picking a general contractor goes, I’ve received two out of three estimates.  I’m sure I’m going with contractor #3, but I’m still waiting on contractor #2 to get his arse together and send me his numbers.  I want to see what he comes up with.  He has continued to be generally disagreeable and We are not amused.  Ahem.  More to come on that.

Also disagreeable is a gentleman named Lenny who works at the Capital Blvd. H.H. Gregg.  I went up there because my awesome agent, Mary Brett, gave me a certificate that entitled me to a discount.  SQUEE DISCOUNT!  The salesperson I met with was named Lenny, and he made the discount not really worth that much to me.  Why, why, WHY do men still call women “doll” and “baby”when women are making major purchases?  I don’t get it.  I was extremely patient, until I couldn’t be any more, and then I was extremely sarcastic.  Neither made any impact on him.  I considered ripping into him, but I was late for another appointment (shocking!) and I thought he was unlikely to have an awakening if I ranted at him.

Other strikes against Lenny: he had never heard of a 203(k) loan; he was unable to confirm to me that the prices he quoted me would be good six weeks from now; and he wouldn’t put the rebate that he assured me I’d be able to get on the list of prices he did give me.  So his quote was pretty close to . . . worthless.  But as I left, he said, “Hon, be sure to ask for me when you come back.  I work on commission.”  Oh really?  <blink, blink>  I had no idea.

Then I went to see Rob at Garner TV & Appliance down in Garner.  Rob is my new BFF.  He can come over for dinner and tv watching when the house is ready to go.  He listened to what I wanted, which was pretty easy since I had done the research and new what was important to me, and then tapped away at his keyboard, came up with a price, and toured me around the store to show me the options.  He is a WINNER WINNER chicken dinner.  If you need a mattress or home appliances or a new big screen, please go see Rob at Garner TV!  It would be a lovely way of saying “up yours” to Lenny, who, as we all know, works on commission.  Plus, Garner TV & Appliance is locally owned.  Bonus.

There are a gazillion options for all of these appliances, but my budget takes a lot of them away.  Even though the options aren’t all available to me, it seems to me like there really are a lot of unnecessary choices.  I don’t need a whole lot from a stove, for instance.  Will it get things hot?  Is there a timer?  Is it self-cleaning?  Does it come in black and in a size that fits in my house?  Yes?  Then I don’t much care about anything else.  I do want a smooth top, but that’s it.  Reducing these decisions down helped me a lot.  A fridge and a freezer got to keep my food cold.  I hate the kind with split doors, and I can’t afford the French door or freezer on the bottoms.  I don’t need a water dispenser, ice maker, or tax preparation software.  Microwave?  Does it nuke things?  Awesome.  Let’s move on to where the magic really happens: the dishwasher.

The one thing I did have strong feelings about was my dishwasher.  I mean, I ask a lot of my dishwashers because I actually cook a fair amount.  It is my favorite first world appliance.  (Close second is the washing machine.)  So I wanted to get a well-made dishwasher with a stainless steel interior, because I hear those are the bee’s knees.  I wanted a brand with a reputation for quality.  Well feast your eyes on this little beauty:

He is a Bosch Built In Dishwasher, model no. SHE3ARL6UC.  He’s handsome, isn’t he?  I think I’ll name him Dexter, because he’ll take care of all of my unsightly messes.  Mwah ha ha ha ha.


4 thoughts on “This is really happening.

    • LMAO. No dude, I’m straight up sober. And now you see why I’m a lightweight when it comes to the drinking. No one needs to see me on mind-altering substances. I’m absolutely nutso just as I am. And I know it — I tagged this post “I’m not right,” didn’t I?

  1. Have you tried the habitat restore for appliances? B&N got a great range for their Raleigh house at pennies on the dollar. And if you have time, I am sure they would let you know when things came into the store. They get slightly damaged, nearly new and over stock donations. Plus, it is even one step cooler than buying locally!

    • I have, but it’s not an option for me. Because my renovations have to be approved by HUD through the 203(k) process, I have to buy new. Bummer, right?

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