Kitchen Colors

1.  Walls are going to be Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

2.  There will be pops of red all over, like from my KitchenAid Mixer, Gertrude, and from curtains that might end up looking like the fabric below.

3.  Finding the right shade of turquoise is going to be hard, so I’ve ordered a swatch of that fabric.  I think color-matching it is way easier than getting cross-eyed staring at paint chips in the store.  I did find this image on the web, though, that makes me think that Tantalizing Teal by Sherwin Williams might be a close match.

She even calls it a 1960s aqua color.  That’s about right.   And here it is in a kitchen as a wall color.  No sleeping in this joint!

I am so in love with this color scheme I want to marry it and have 10,000 of its babies like I’m Charlotte living in a web in a barn with a pig, y’all!

4.  I’m getting rid of this bookcase, which has served me well.  It’s not the bookcase, it’s me.  I have lots of built in storage in the new place, and lots of smaller bookcases that I’d like to keep rather than this ginormous one.  Are you the next owner of this piece?  Let me know!

Click the photo to go to the Craigslist ad with a few more pictures.



3 thoughts on “Kitchen Colors

  1. Love the paint, curtains and all – pops of teal and red. You know, our table has a red chair, a teal chair, a yellow chair and a black chair!!! 🙂

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