Exactly What You Want to Hear

I sent my mortgage broker an email to see if my general contractor had gotten all the information to him that he needed.  This might sound strange to you if you’ve never bought a home using a 203(k) loan, but it’s par for the course for this type of loan.  Really, my mortgage broker is more of a hand-holder and all-around troubleshooter than “just” a mortgage broker.  He’s awesome.  He’s right here.

Oh yeah, I remember what I was saying.  So I send my broker this email, trying to keep tabs on things.  Here is what Don says back to me:


Hi Sarah:  Yes, I received a lot of good information from Steve.  I think you made a great choice with the contractor.  Have a great week and I’ll let you know when we have an update for you.  Thanks!


I smiled from ear to ear.  You’re damn straight I made a great choice with my contractor!  Shout out to Steve Sypher.  Now I can hurry up and wait for closing to get here, or at least wait for the next request for documents explaining who knows what to the  people with the bags of money.  24 more days.


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