More Warm Fuzzies

I got an email this week from my rock-star mortgage broker/203(k) loan specialist, Don, telling me that not only were we on track to close on September 14, but I am the valedictorian of home buyers.*

*not his actual words

Woot!  On to more pressing things.

My fairy godmother (don’t you have one of those?) tells me Elephant Culo needs shutters.  I think it used to have shutters, and I’m not opposed to going back to shutter land.  But…

  1. What color?
  2. Can you put shutters on the second floor windows that are gabled?  Will that look strange?

I am trying to decide what color I want to pain the front door.  I am a big fan of bright, primary-colored front doors.  You can’t go wrong with a red door, but yellow does have a lot of sunny charm.  And then there is a bright royal blue. Any thoughts on door colors?  The front door faces south-southeast, so it will get a lot of light.  It’s currently black.  Weigh in, folks.

I went to the liquor store earlier this week and picked up some boxes.  I pack slowly and try to weed stuff out as I go.  It’s getting me reflecting on all the moves I’ve done – though, technically, some of these were as a kid and my mom did all the hard work.  But just for fun:

I make my fantastic debut in Sacramento, CA, and from there move to:

  1. Valencia, CA.
  2. Yorba Linda, CA.
  3. Plainsboro, NJ.
  4. Princeton Jct., NC.
  5. Clemson, SC.  (Two dorm rooms in the f*cking shoeboxes in two semesters, but just one mailing address, so I think that might count as just one.)
  6. State College, PA. (West Beaver Ave. – Three addresses in three years at Penn State)
  7. State College, PA (Atherton St. – ugh, the Graduate)
  8. State College, PA (College Avenue above Mr. Charles – best college apartment ever)
  9. Lubbock, TX.
  10. Carrboro, NC.  (This is where the list really gets wacky)
  11. Chapel Hill, NC.
  12. Cary, N.C. (Ugh)
  13. Raleigh, NC.  (Moving back in with mom before law school – fun times.)
  14. Durham, NC (Old West Durham)
  15. Durham ,NC (Burch Ave.)
  16. Durham, NC (Green St.)
  17. Raleigh, NC (current adorable bungalow) (3+ years)
  18. Elephant Culo.

Really looking forward to staying put for a while now!  Although, if I’m anything like my mom, and we know I am, I’ll get the whole house decorated and fixed up, and then I’ll decide to move.  🙂


2 thoughts on “More Warm Fuzzies

  1. I say yes to shutters on the brick lower level, but no to shutter on the upper level.

    What you want lil lady is window boxes! Substantial european style window boxes that you can plant hanging red geraniums from. Because I think what is distracting to the eye on the second story is not the space between the dormer windows, but the white space below them. The window boxes would help conceal that space and give it purpose.

    Also – I think sometime in the future you should dig up the shrub, extend that adorable porch, put trellis on either side of the over hang, grow some nice vines and make that overhang into the cozy shady porch it looks like it wants to be.

    Also Yes! to the bright red door or blue, or teal or yellow!. There is a house on the way to where I go on vacation every summer and they paint their door a different bright wonderful color every year and it is a highlight of my drive. Be that lady. The brighter the better!

    It is an adorable home and you are going to rock it! also your kitchen color combo is my ab fave! Well done!

    • I like it, I like it a lot. I agree that the nakedness at the foundation is appalling. I’m all for people running around naked, but I like my houses to have their nether regions cloaked in plants.

      I’ve been trying to figure out ways to cute-ify the front both on the cheap (i.e., in the near term) and in a dream world (maybe changing the whole facade, adding on a bigger porch, etc). It’s hard to figure out where to start. Trellises and shade sound nice. Near term, I’m definitely going to cut that shrub way back and add in something on the naked side to balance it out. Habitat has plants for relatively cheap, so that’s an option. I want hydrangeas somewhere, but I don’t know if there is a varietal that can handle all the sun in the front yard. Otherwise, I like azaleas and rhododendrons or camellias in front yards. And I’m going to limb up the pink crepe myrtle a little bit so it fills in better, counter intuitive but that’s how it works. I also need to do something about lighting and make the house numbers visible.

      Invisible house numbers are one of my greatest trials.

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