Two More Sleeps

Two more sleeps until closing.  TWO MORE SLEEPS!  Is almost 32 years old too old to be measuring time in sleeps?  I don’t care if it is.  This is how I roll.

I really never thought my loan would close on time.  I’ve watched others go through this process and most people’s loans have kinks in them and closing gets pushed back.  Now, touch wood, we are still two sleep away, but things are looking good.  And, not for nothing, but Thursday is actually closing one day early.  Yeah, my team is that good.  If you need a home in Raleigh, please call my real estate agent, Mary Brett Purnell.  You just cannot do better than this woman’s hustle.  You can’t.  Don’t try, you’ll hurt yourself.  And if you need a renovation loan, for the love of g_d, call Don O’Dell.  He’s my favorite.  Total pro, excellent at hand holding, and almost as fast in responding to email as Mary Brett.

All of the books in my living room are packed.  My cookbooks are packed.  Shit’s getting real.  Once my loan closes, it will be sold to M&T Bank, which is Allen Tate Mortgage’s investor partner.  Oddly enough, I banked with M&T bank in 1999 in Pennsylvania.  Strange to run into that bank again, here.  Oh well.  Anyway, once that happens, then we can start to spend the money I’m borrowing to fix up the house.  And when I say “we” can start to spend the money, I mean my contractor can start to spend the money.  WHOOOEEEE!  And then I can give my landlord notice, and then I really need to step up the packing mojo.  PS, anyone interested in renting my current house?  2 bedrooms plus third room without closet, one bath, updated kitchen, lovely deck, huge fenced yard, inside the beltline in delightful Belvidere Park.  Let me know and I’ll give you my landlord’s contact information . . . AFTER I give him my 30 days notice, that is.

Until then, I can keep packing, and I can play in the (mostly empty) yard at the new house, I can fix the fence gate, I can try to figure out a better way to display the house numbers, and I can start to work on removing the wallpaper from the powder room.  The house numbers are really hard to see from the street – I HATE THAT.  I can also keep shopping for the pendant light fixture for the kitchen.  Fun!

In the meantime, check out this cool split level I saw on  I’d love to see an exterior reno to my house that would give it this kind of foxy mojo and curb appeal.


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