Picking Out Floors

In general, my philosophy with making all of these calls is to be practical.  I’m not decorating and fixing up the Taj Mahal, I’m working on a 40 year old split level in a modest neighborhood that has been seriously neglected.  I don’t need the nicest finishes, and I don’t need to agonize over choices that are, ultimately, temporary.  Odds are good that I will not live at Elephant Culo forever (how bittersweet!), and flooring choices, coincidentally, do not last forever!  It’s just a house.  No one’s life depends on this. 🙂

I went to the fancy flooring wholesaler today.  Well, you might not think it’s fancy, but it was fancy compared to going to Lowe’s or Home Depot.  My general contractor works with them, so I was able to go in under his membership and pick out what I wanted.

There are an infinite number of options for flooring if you have all the money in the world to spend.  If, however, you are like yours truly, and living on a budget, there are far fewer options.  But I don’t view this as a bad thing.  I didn’t face analysis paralysis today.  I had a handful of options in the builder grade price point that Steve the contractor said I could look in, and that was fine by me

I also had the benefit of chatting with the designer at ProSource, so I had someone else’s opinion to go by.  That was handy, because I have a fondness for tweedy-type carpets and Berbers.  I can’t afford a nice berber, and the cheap Berber imitations are really crappy, so that left me wondering what a tweedy carpet would be like.  Designer-lady Jessica told me that they really don’t go over well on resale.  Huh!  Whodathunkit?  I’m indulging my yearn for funky details in painting my cabinets in the kitchen, so I decided to go with something a more sedate on the floor.
I chose Resista Refresh Jagger in the better level.  Best would be even nicer, but of course, best costs more.  🙂  The color I picked is called Jack Frost.

Vinyl with carpet swatch in Jack Frost.

It might look a little light in this picture, but it’s really a nice neutral tone.  The options were fairly light, fairly dark, and just a few color choices more in the middle.  My experience with dark carpet is it actually is harder to keep clean, or at least, it’s hard to keep it looking clean when you have a fluffy white dog!  A word about the vinyl.  Listen, it’s not my favorite.  But it is CHEAP!  And this stuff as a cushion on the back, so it will feel better underfoot than your average vinyl flooring.  I’m really excited to get a move on!  Come on, bank, send me that cashola!

Hello, my name is Maverick, and I like to shed!


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