A Saturday List

Lots of fun things going on today.

1.  I went to the Southern Ideal Home Show at the state fairgrounds which, despite its grandiose name, was actually pretty fun and didn’t take itself too seriously at all.  I went with my partner in home improvement-related crime, Katie.  Well, the part with interior-focused trades was fun.  All of the vendors in the exterior-oriented building, with sheds and spas and water filtration systems, were really into the hard sell. Turn off!  My favoritest vendors were:

* FinishPros, who refinish furniture, cabinets, you name it.  Their website has lots of beautiful before and afters.

* Closet Factory – custom closet designs make me weak in the knees.  Vicki told me they will come and measure your shoes, y’all!  To make sure they give you precisely the amount of space per pair you need, so that you get as much bang for your shoe buck as possible.  Oh. My. Word.

* Shelf Genie – gliding shelves for inside your kitchen cabinets, or pantry. Or anywhere, really.  I hate awkward cabinets that make it hard for you to store things.  Look at this magnificent fix for what they call a double blind cabinet — think of an L-shaped corner cabinet.  see, you pull the slider in front of you towards you, and then the slider to the left, where there is ordinarily useless space, glides over to the right.  GENIUS!

I also liked that the saleswoman I talked to was completely up front with me about what these puppies cost.  $250 per pair of sliders installed, so a double blind setup like the one in the picture would run $1,000.  Good to know.  Ahem.  Cough.  That will be something to save for.

Anyway, if you want to go to the show tomorrow, it’s open from 11-5 and I have a coupon for buy one, get one free admission.  Otherwise it’s $9/ticket.  So shoot me an email if you want my coupon!

2.  I bought a pedestal sink that I found on Craigslist today.  It was $40 and came with a nice brushed nickel Moen faucet.  Sweet!  Next up: learn how to demo a vanity and install a pedestal sink.  Downstairs bathroom, I have my eye on you.  I was totally going to put this project off until some time in the future since new pedestal sinks are $100 for cheapos and up (without faucets), but my friend Dave of Let’s Pretend fame found one for $20 (!) and inspired me.  For what it is worth, those things are not nearly as heavy as they look.  Maybe if you all are good internet denizens, I will post a picture of my sink hanging out in my den on the floor tomorrow.

3.  I brought the doggles over to the new house.  The gate is broken, so I had to rig the garbage can to keep them in the backyard.  They loved the yard!  I have been a little concerned that the dogs would go nuts when there was activity in the park behind our house, which would be a real bummer because there are softball fields, tennis courts, you name it over there, and they are well-used.  Today there was one sweet little girl riding her scooter around the parking lot while her dad watched.  She stopped when she saw Mav and Goose running around to say, “Hello, puppies!”  The dogs just stopped, gave her happy panting dog grins, and then continued trotting around exploring the new digs.  A good sign!

4.  I lugged all sorts of goodies with me over to the new digs.  I bought a motion-activated light off of amazon, and that made it over there, although I haven’t figured out where I want to install it.  At the front door or near the driveway/walk?  Decisions, decisions.  It might be nice to have one in both spots, eventually.  I also brought the pile of drawer pulls and knobs that I got for free over – sheesh they weigh a ton!  Unfortunately, the drawer pulls don’t match the width I have for my current drawer pulls, so I will probably freecycle them.  I’d love to get some that look like the one pictured here, but I’m not keen on having to countersink the pulls.  Surely there are better options out there!  Well, the easiest options is leaving them as is, for now, which is what I shall do.

5.  I moved my brand new ladder in, and used it to help me take down the light fixture in the dining room.  I also put up a new fixture, that chandelier I bought from the Habitat ReStore and spray painted.  The power isn’t going to get cut on until Monday, so I won’t know if I installed that bad boy correctly until then.  Oh, the anticipation!  I’ve changed out a light fixture before, though, and it’s really not hard.  Hopefully this one will be all systems go!  I am also going to take down the light fixture in the breakfast nook.  It is really oversized for that space, it’s quite odd.  I’m going to take both old fixtures to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and donate them.  🙂  I have my eye on this ridiculously reasonable fixture for the breakfast nook.  Opinions?

Are you as excited about lighting fixtures as I am?  I’m ridiculous.

6.  I discovered that the windows in the dining room have been painted shut.  UGH.  How do I fix that? I tried swearing and pouting, and neither of those methods worked. I guess I need to google that.

7.  I tested the paint on my front door with a little rubbing alcohol.  You just use a rag with some rubbing alcohol on the paint, and if a little bit comes off, you have latex paint, you get to pass go, and you get to collect $200.  If nothing comes off, you have oil paint, and you have to get a fancy primer before you can paint the door, and it’s an additional stinky step.  But since I don’t have oil, tomorrow I will sand and paint my front door!  Yay!  I’ve picked a bright blue color with just a hint of green.  I’m also going to go flea marketing tomorrow with Mamacita que Bonita, so who knows what trouble we will get into!

Hope you all are enjoying the lovely fall weather!


4 thoughts on “A Saturday List

  1. #1–since the cabs are being painted, fill the old holes with wood putty and then you can install whatever you like (I have a counter-sink bit) #2–painted shut windows are a pain but a good utility knife and some patience and a bottle of wine usually does the trick! Can’t wait to see the new door color!!! You are certainly getting the hang of this DIY stuff–so proud : )

    • Counter-sinking isn’t so bad? Swell! I will focus on getting the cutest pulls I can in that case. There are only five drawers, I think. I should really make sure of that before I go spending money. xoxo

  2. Re: motion-activated sensor lights. Where these can go is dependent upon the wiring in your house. Ro is getting one and it turned out to be more complicated than she thought. Usually you need to get a switch installed inside your house as well. Have the electrician who installs it come out first to check out your wiring. You may need a junction box.,

    • I bought one that isn’t hard-wired. You put batteries in it. I wanted to avoid having an electrician involved. 🙂 Of course little Ro’s turned out to be more complicated, she’s always having fiascos.

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