Three Pictures

Goose’s butt radiates light in the mornings. She’s a very special dog.

I picked a granite for my counter-tops today.  Quelle exciting!  Pardon the picture quality – per usual, I’m using my cell phone.  I don’t really know much about picking granite.  You are supposed to talk about whether a piece has movement, and by movement, they mean giant veins of different colors.  The more of those big veins you have, the more expensive your rock is.   I like the way the little specks look, though, and when you don’t have a massive expanse of counter, some of that movement is wasted.  My aunt’s house has  huge island, I want to say it’s like 15 feet long and at least five feet wide – now that is a place to showcase a big slab of rock.  My modest kitchen?  Eh.  I still think this stuff is pretty.

Kashmir White. Please to notice the rusty-red colored sparkly bits. These will be a nice way to camouflage any blood that is spilled while prepping dinner. Yummy. 😉 (Dexter anyone?)


Look! Movement! And sparkly bits!


I’m running out of things to say about this large shiny piece of granite. I like it. Some nice folks are going to turn it into a counter-top for me. I look forward to that being really awesome.



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