Little Changes

I still haven’t taken a better front door picture for you, but trust me, it looks awesome.  It is a cheery happy delightful bright blue color from Benjamin Moore and I forget the name right now but I will look it up for the fantastic door picture.

A reminder of the kitchen when I bought Elephant Culo:

Cheery view out the kitchen window, valance over the sink.

Cabinets over the island block the view from the kitchen into the den.

Then, on Monday, Steve got started with a few little carpentry things.

Look at that view! You can see Russia** from the kitchen!
**Russia = the fireplace

OK, well, you can’t really see the fireplace because the den is really dark and there are no lights on in there, and even if they were on, there are no lightbulbs in the fixtures  – tee hee – but if the walls weren’t dark oak but instead a beautiful cool grey color, you’d be seeing the hell out of Russia.  My fireplace.  Same difference.

Do you see it? Up there, between the cabinets? Over the sink? Basking in the sunshine?

Please ignore the brass boob light in the middle of the kitchen.  Something must be done about that.

Hello pretty shiny lamp! You are the light fixture I’ve been dreaming of. Be mine.

Then this happened!  This is my gorgeous mini-pendant fixutre from Lowe’s.  It also doesn’t have a light bulb in it.  Note to self: buy light bulbs.  But isn’t it GORGEOUS?

I am swooning.  Now I want to fix that brass boob light, like, right now, except I’m not sure what to do with it.  I’d really like to have lights over the peninsula now that the cabinets aren’t there anymore, but I need to not spend money I don’t have on electrical work I didn’t budget for.  I might be able to just deal with the boob light for now, IDK.  I might just avert my eyes and focus on the beautiful light in my window, instead.


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