Tiny Update

1.  I need work gloves.  The calluses I have from lifting weights are not at all helpful when I’m using a wrench or dragging crap around the house.

2.  I need a screen door for the sliding door.  I’m sucking mosquitoes in from the outside when I leave that door open, but without that door, and without the HVAC working, it’s really stuffy inside the house.

3.  If you use a broom to sweep up a dead cockroach, you might find that it is so old it is dessicated and it flakes into pieces rather than behaving like a good dead roach and just going along where you wanted him to go.  On the upside, that carpet is getting pulled out, flakes of dead roaches and all.

4.  My next-door neighbor, Ms. Hinton, told me that the downstairs bedroom used to be the washroom (laundry room).  When the old carport was turned into the dining room, the current mudroom was added.  That explains the “extra” door to the outside in the downstairs bedroom.  Ms. Hinton also met Maverick and Goose tonight and wanted to know if they were good with children.  I said they were, so long as the children weren’t toddlers, because that’s the truth.  Toddlers scare the dogs, but they love babies and kids over 3.  We chatted about motion sensor lights – she loves hers and noticed the new one I have.  Well, it’s not new, but newly active since I turned it on.  Ms. Hinton is active in the neighborhood’s Citizens Advisory Council (CAC), which is wonderful.

5.  The dogs are not so great at being assistants, but they are good company.  Goose tried to taste the paint for the front door and ended up with a blue dot on her muzzle.  Guess that means she’s on special this week.  The door looks wonderful, and I think 3 coats of paint were enough!

I was hoping to get to work on installing the pedestal sink today, but that didn’t work out.  That plan was contingent on my friend Dave being able to come show me how to do it, and he had to do stuff for work. Stupid work!  Always getting in the way of the fun stuff.  I have now read or watched about a dozen tutorials on the internet about putting in a sink, though, and I am beginning to feel good about the project.  I need to take my level over to the new house and check out my floor situation.  If the floor isn’t level, it will need to be leveled before I install the pedestal sink.  How, you ask?  I don’t know.  It’s a mystery!  But it will all work out in the end.  It always does!  I keep hauling tools from my old place to the new place and I have found myself at one place with the wrong tools more than once.  Ah, the problems I have as a real estate mogul.

The more I look at that vinyl in the bathroom, the more I am wishing I had budgeted to get it replaced when the kitchen vinyl was replaced.  I am going to ask Steve if it’s possible to add it without breaking the bank.  It might just be.  If not, I’ll get create – watch out!  The floor is discolored and strangely yellow.  Not THAT kind of yellow, at least I don’t think so!  I should see what steam cleaning it with my trusty SharkVac does for it.  That thing is awesome for vinyl flooring.

I did a fun project at my (old) home this week.  I took a dresser I’ve had for a while and repainted it.  To repaint it, I used the paint I had around: leftover blue from my bedroom and leftover black from a bookcase.  I used the blue straight for the top drawer, and for each of the four other drawers, I added a little more black paint.  Then the body of the dresser I painted a darker shade of gray than the darkest one.  It came out pretty funky and fun, I think i like it.  I picked up new knobs for it at Target – $10 for 10 knobs.  I’d love acrylic knobs, but they were way more money than I wanted to spend on this project.  I think I got the dresser for $15-20 at a garage sale a few years ago – it wasn’t a huge investment.

Again, pardon the cruddy cell phone picture!

Fun, right?  I love torturing innocent furniture.  I even have a Pinterest page for ideas about doing just that!


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