Financing & Work Update

I had an email this morning from Don, the mortgage broker that got away.  He apologized for not telling me he was leaving the firm.  Well, he gave me a conditional apology – if he didn’t tell me he was leaving, then he apologizes.  I’m not such a fan of that.  I think Don’s been passing the buck and awful lot, and as far as I’m concerned the buck stops with him.  I was/am his client and his responsibility.  He did give me his new contact information, which is a nice start, and said he is committed to seeing this loan get purchased so the contractor feels comfortable enough to start.  Meh.

I heard from Mr. Bigstuff the VP this afternoon, and while he didn’t have an affirmative answer on the loan purchase for me, he thought he’d be able to have one tomorrow.  At least he’s calling me!  I’ll take that, for now.  I know this loan will get purchased, and I will be able to get to take my draw on that money to pay Steve sooner or later, so I’m not too freaked out.  I’m just really disappointed.  I think this is a misunderstanding that could have been entirely avoided if my broker had educated me better.  Actually, I know that it could have been avoided, and, to my mind, it really should have been.

Finally, I met with Steve at the house today.  His painter was there, and I didn’t catch his name, but I appreciate that he was enjoying my choice of radio stations on the little stereo I had in the living room.  But did you catch that?  Painter was there?  Painting is happening!  This requires exclamation points!  The roofing guys are slated to come next week.  There was a slight snafu in the carpet ordering process.  Steve made an error in measuring – not like he read a tape measure wrong, he plumb forget a room existed!  That means that we have less to spend per square foot than we thought.  So I will likely have to go back to the store and figure out another carpeting option.  BIG HOUSE and not-so-big budget.  I do have some wiggle room built into the budget, and I might use some of that for carpeting overages, but I want to see if I can dial back the price and keep a product I like first.  We will figure it out.

I dropped a bomb on Steve that I ordered an over-the-stove microwave, a little detail that I hadn’t mentioned before. I’m glad I thought to tell him today, because he will have to be creative to make it fit in the space we have.  I bet he’s thrilled to have that new problem to solve.  Steve mentioned that I might want to consider replacing the switchplates throughout the house.  YES!  There is a rainbow of switchplates in there now, in shades ranging from hideous to ugly, and they have all got to go.

I’m excited about switchplates, y’all.

Also?  I’m excited that a dumpster will be delivered next week.  A dumpster is Serious Business.  I will definitely photograph the dumpster for posterity.

Oh!  I created a page to collect places on the intertubes I like.  I’m thinking maybe eventually I will corral sources there, or a blogroll, or maybe just pictures of baby animals.  I don’t know.  But you might want to check it out.


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