Quick and Snotty Update

I have a cold and it sent me to bed during prime picture taking hours.  You’ll have to pardon this brief, pictureless update.


I ran by the house later today and noticed that Agreeable Grey paint has gone up in the living room and dining room (soon to be reborn as my emporium of creative delights) and that new fence posts have gone in to the left of the drive way.  I’m looking forward to no longer using my garbage can as a dog-gate!  The light from Wayfair is sitting on my front porch, too.  I have one carpet sample and will see a few others tomorrow.

Mr. VP (not Biden, the guy at Allen Tate Mortgage) updated me again today.  I’m loving his attention to my loan!  The team he’s assembled got all of the conditions that the loan buyer had met today, and he has asked for a rush approval on this loan.  Hopefully it will be purchased tomorrow.  Please keep your fingers crossed, say your prayers, and think good thoughts for this loan to get got, and good!


One thought on “Quick and Snotty Update

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