good fences make good neighbors

I had neighborhood handyman Mark Wlodarczak from Red Acorn Services look at the gate situation.  I don’t think I have a good before picture, but there was a chain link gate on the side of the house at one point.  But by the time I bought it, what was left was a spring piece of cyclone fencing, anchored to nothing, and a hole where the gate’s anchor used to be.  No gate, no fence, no good for keeping curious dogs in the safety of the backyard.  I’d been using the big green trash cart as a makeshift gate when I had the dogs with me, but I don’t have to do that anymore!

Ain’t that nice?  The gate is now even with my neighbor’s fencing.  Before, the gate was at the back corner of the house.  There was nothing wrong with that, but bringing the gate up to the front corner makes that side yard more protected.  I think I’ll eventually do some pavers or gravel back there to store the yard waste, trash can, and recycling bins.  Is that gate a beaut or what?


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