I swung by the new house Friday to find that the roofers were hard at work.

Agreeable Grey was up in the living room, looking very greige in the afternoon sunshine.


And it was starting to go up in the kitchen, too. The cabinets are NAKED without their doors on. Scandalous!

I still need to grab the door pulls that I like for the kitchen cabinets.  I just got a $10 Lowes card in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield (did you know you can get stuff like that just for telling BCBS that you eat your veggies?), so I might spend that on the pulls.  🙂  Fun times.



2 thoughts on “Wheeeeee!

    • MB is my inspiration! Same color, as a matter of fact. the BCBS giftcard is so easy, it’s dumb. They have this thing called Blue Points to promote wellness. You sign up for it and log when you move your body or eat veggies. I think there are other things you can get points for, but I just do the fruits and veggies and exercise thing. So easy it’s stupid.

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