Monday, rainy Monday

Today wasn’t a good day if you are a roofer, but it was a fine day to be painting indoors.  The first coat of agreeable grey is up in the den on the paneling, and I love how it looks.  My brother is of the mind that no paneling is good paneling, and he was lobbying hard for me to rip it out and sheetrock that room.  But you know, I really like how the painted paneling looks.  It adds texture, a little bit of charm, even.  And this way, instead of spending money on sheetrocking and labor for ripping out the paneling and installing the new sheetrock, I can put money somewhere else.  That makes me REALLY like the way the painted paneling looks.  I also loved the way the brick and paneling den turned out in Young House Love’s first house, so I know that painting my den will work out, too.

My breakfast nook light fixture showed up from Wayfair the other day, and today I opened it up at the new house.  It is so big!  I mean, it’s the exact size it was advertised as, it’s just that in person, it’s a different thing than seeing it online.  It’s going to be awesome when it’s installed and the cabinets and countertops are in…can’t wait!

Suzani Harmony Red Twill

The fabric I’m going to use in the kitchen and breakfast nook is also on its way to me.  I haven’t figured out yet how I’m going to use it.  I’m thinking cafe curtains over the sink and maybe some simple drapes for the big window in the breakfast nook.  People still do cafe curtains, right?  There is currently a bamboo shade over that window.  It looks a little wonky because it’s not hung properly, but I’m going to fix that and keep it, I think.  I like the bamboo shades.  More texture, nice for privacy.  A couple of long panels on either side of the big window with the bamboo shade at the top will look really nice, especially with my vintage repo chrome table in front of it and that red pendant light above that.  Can you see it yet?




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