Kitchen Cabinets the Color of BOOYAH

Holy cow do these puppies look amazing with a first coat of turquoise/aqua on them.



Don’t mind the random plastic hanging off of the light fixture that is on its way out.  Just feast your eyes on that color.

I’m really loving how bright the interiors are painted decorator’s white.

My current cupboards are a light oak color, and they’re quite new and there is nothing wrong with them, but there is something so damn right to me about a clean white cabinet interior.  It’s really bright in person, and really cheery.  I cannot wait until the granite countertops are in, bouncing around all kinds of light, and the red pendent is hung.

OOOH and my big fabric order came in this week.  Behold: fabric strewn across my couch.

It’s going to be awesome.  I also did a little spray painting out front.  Eventually, I’d like to replace the carriage light style lights on the porch with something bigger that turns on automatically when it’s dark out.

Until then, a few coats of Rustoleum brushed nickel do a nice job of making dumpy plain fixtures look a little sharper.  Nothing too fancy here – just a quick and dirty spray paint job.  The glass slides right out of these fixtures so they are actually really easy to do.  None of that time-consuming taping off stuff you don’t want painted.  Who has time for that?  Not this girl.


This is such a nice little facelift.  I am very pleased with myself.  I have other things to spray paint, like my house numbers and perhaps this garden variety mailbox.  Why not, right?

Yawn, I’m such a boring mailbox.

I think these numbers are very, very, very tarnished brass. Very. I’m about to silver them up. I’m thinking I might put them in a little frame and paint the frame to match the door, though, just to give them a bit more pizzaz.

Also, my mantle has been painted white.  My built-ins have been painted grey.  I think that the mantle needs to be a different color.  I do not know what color that is.  Underneath the white, there is an orangey pine stain.  Not cute.  I’m thinking this might need to be black.  It’s hard to see, but the mantel is supported by two little brick ledge things underneath it.  They probably have a proper name, but I don’t know what that is.  I am thinking of building or finding some sort of wooden corbel to camouflage the bricks, in any event.

Oh, and I’m definitely going to tone down the brass fireplace surround.  Options are to do oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, or black.  Or I suppose any other color under the rainbow, but those are the three I was thinking of.  GUYS.  I own a mantel.  How cool is that?

And guess what this half-full dumpster means?  I got a new roof.



4 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinets the Color of BOOYAH

  1. If you’re interested in my opinion, I like the oil rubbed bronze for the fireplace. I just painted a wrought iron headboard and footboard that and I love it. Also, I love your kitchen cabinets. I would never have the guts to do that and I think it looks awesome.

    • I *am* interested in your opinion! Thank you – I like ORB. The kitchen is so fun. It’s very diner-ish. I know my mom hates it, but I think it is really going to come together. And, let’s face it, it’s only paint if it doesn’t. 😉 Yesterday I was looking at the bookcases and I think they should be white like the trim stuff instead of grey like the walls. More to paint!

      • even though it is only paint, it’s also YOUR kitchen! If you paint the bookcases white, will you leave the back wall gray? Lately I’ve seen a lot of built-ins with the back wall painted and it’s quite lovely. Also, my sister is in the process of repainting her kitchen cabinets… while mothering her 10 month old! It’s quite a task.

      • I was thinking I might even paint the backs of the bookcases navy . . . you’d think I’d sort this out before, but no. I might well live with it for awhile. As for doing the repainting with a kid underfoot…no thanks!

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