My last post sounded a little crazy because I was feeling a little crazy.  The last week has been the first time I have felt the panic and frustration that other homeowners, and other home renovators, grimaced and warned me about when I gleefully shared my news.  That’s a major buzzkill, by the way, people.  And not a lick of that panic or frustration has been due to my general contractor or the homebuying process.  Nope.  It’s been due to working with the mortgage servicer on getting the money I have borrowed in hand to actually pay people.

Big banks suck a giant bag of dicks.  Who knew?

It didn’t help matters any that I have been dedicating a ton of time to the president’s reelection campaign.  I can do work as a lawyer that other volunteers can’t do, really important work that protects the fundamental right of people to vote, and I believe that because I can do that work, I should.  If not me, then who?  So I’ve been working on protecting the polls during NC’s early voting.  That’s time consuming.

It also doesn’t help the stress level that I had a couple of deadlines at work.  Work, yes, work, that wonderful thing that makes the home ownership dream a reality!  Well that and a generous gift from my folks.  Right.  Got that deadline going on, too, and then, post-deadline, the fallout.  You know, the fallout, right?  Where you open your eyes and see everything you’ve been ignoring for the last month while you focused on your deadline?  That fallout.  Scary.

Also?  Something I ate gave me stomach woes.

Also?  The heat broke at my current house, leaving me to sleep in a chilly 45 degree abode.  But the heat is fixed and I have held down all of my meals for two days now.

We are also past the time when I thought for sure I’d be moved in, but I digress.  Here is something happy:

Is that a good looking dumpster, or is that a good looking dumpster?  It is filled with padding and carpet from the living and dining rooms.  Good riddance, darlings!

Future flooring in the kitchen, mud, and bath rooms.  The best thing I can say about any vinyl flooring is that it is not offensive.  The second best thing I can say about it is that it fits my budget!  I’m so glad to have found so much square footage at such a great price inside the beltline, but it has stretched my budget.

The gritty subfloor with old adhesive on it is a huge improvement over what was here before.  Trust me on this one.

I am not done installing the drawer pulls and knobs in the kitchen.  I meant to be done, and I meant to have a picture of it for you, but I’m not. For some reason, two of the drawers had no pulls before, and I wanted to make a template for those drawers before diving in with my drill.  I know, such caution is unlike me.  I did take this terrible picture of my red pendant light installed, though.  She’s pretty, non?

This picture is Steve’s punishment for cracking wise about drywall. 🙂

Also, the great master bath leak of 2012 reared its ugly head last week, leaking again when the water that leaked out of the shower pan the last time we tested it finally soaked through the insulation and drywall and made its way out of the ceiling.  Steve, on how easy it was to poke through the drywall:  “Drywall should NOT do that.”  Oh really?  Thanks for that!  the shower pan and the tiles over it have all been removed and will be replaced and done correctly tomorrow.  Matching tiles is darn near impossible, so I picked a contrasting tile for the bottom course of the shower.  Hopefully it won’t look too strange.  Long down the list of things I’d like to do to this house is ripping out the wall between the toilet and the shower in the master bath and replacing it with glass.  It would buy about 5″ of elbow room inside the shower, make for a much bigger looking bath, and take that bath right into the modern era.  Someday.  🙂

To come: carpet! A second inspection.  Appliances. Moving.  And . . . drum roll please . . . new toilets!  I have some wiggle room in my budget, and I am going to spend it on the world’s sexiest upgrade: new shitters.  The ones in the house were functional, but they were showing signs of rust.  Apparently, at one point in time, the bolts used in turlets weren’t rust resistant, which doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense when you remember they sit in water.  On of the toilet’s in my mom’s house just “exploded” — her word! — on her when a rusty bolt gave up the ghost.  Visions of such an explosion were in my head when I asked if we could make new commodes a priority.

I really don’t think a verbose update could end any better than that.  Four synonyms for crapper, whoops, five, and a laundry list of items.  Done.


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