Welcome Newest Member of Elephant Culo

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a KITTEN!


Meet Smooch, now known as James Bond.  I met him at the Wake County Animal Center this morning, where I took the foster training.  James Bond is a 5 month old kitten and he has been in the shelter for two months.  He was super playful when I was getting the tour of the cat rooms, batting at me as I walked by – apparently, he didn’t know the rule that I wasn’t supposed to touch any cats.  When it came time to grab my first foster, I picked him.  

Bless his furry paws, he came home to my house full of boxes, two nosy dogs, an electrician installing the microwave, my mom knocking on the door, and then the Uverse installation man.  It was a lot for James Bond to handle.  He stayed in his carrier until I moved him to the fourth bedroom, a little room just off of the living room.  Once in there, he retreated to the inside of the closet, where he could hide behind a pile of picture frames.

I checked in on him and sat with him for awhile, and he peaked out at me and my neighbor, Sarah. I think it was because she was wielding a bottle of Kitty Bliss, but you never know.  But then, later tonight, I laid down in there and shut my eyes.  I was just going to take a little nap, but I heard James Bond skittering along the wall.  Before I knew it, he was at my head, purring like a madman (madcat?).  He headbumped me and let me pet him quite a bit, and then got down to the business of being a kitten.  He ran all over, jumped great leaps into the air, attacked invisible threats, wrestled with a toy, batted at the door to his carrier, and was, in general, utterly charming.

He was also really hard to photograph.  Crappy cell phone camera + dim light + mostly black cat is not a recipe for success!  Plus, my phone doesn’t have a flash, and the little guy moves really quickly.  I took a lot of very blurry photos.

ImageJust his tiny paws are clear here – I love it.  

ImageGazing at something only he can see on the ceiling.  


Showing off the white bathing suit – he has a top and a bottom on.  🙂


Tomorrow when it is sunny I will try to get better pictures of my little model.  In the meantime, please share this post with anyone you know who is looking for a feline companion.  James Bond is an excellent kitten and deserves a loving home.



6 thoughts on “Welcome Newest Member of Elephant Culo

  1. Update: Just went back in, and James Bond had left his two toys by the door. Maybe because I was supposed to get the hint and come back and play? We just had another wonderful snuggle session. He’s a purring machine! That was followed by another fun play session, even though James Bond is the only one who knows the rules to whatever game it is that we are playing. I took a piece of cardboard from the to be recycled pile – it had cushioned something in the toilet boxes – and put it down in the middle of the room. It has flaps and openings and it is kitten heaven. James Bond went right inside it and began poking and sniffing around. Excellent! He also seems to have picked at his dry food and eaten about half of the wet food I gave him, so that’s wonderful, too.

    • Nope, they are still sniffing through the door at each other. James Bond hides when the door opens, usually, although I did catch him napping in a patch of sun this afternoon. I think I’ll give them a few more days of coexisting with the door shut before I let them share space. I also haven’t figured out where to put James Bond’s food and water where they will be accessible to him, but not the dogs. Ditto his litter box.

      • In case Sarah hasn’t said this already it’s a good idea to introduce them gradually. One dog at a time for 5 minutes for a few days. Then 10 minutes. Then 20. Etc.

        Also, bring the cat to them rather than letting the dogs in his safe zone. He needs to feel like that’s his safe place. His water, food, and litter should be in that area as well. If it isn’t he might not go to them if it means traveling in or through no man’s land.

  2. Excellent advice, BortMan. I will do that, perhaps in a day or so. I’m pleased that he’s come out of his shell so quickly with me, and I don’t want to scare him more than he has to be scared by the smelly sniffing dogs.

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