Breaking Things In

Did you know that you have to run a new dryer for 30 minutes or so, because it has an odor to it?  You do.  I did that today.  For the same reason, you are to break in a new oven by heating it up to 400 degrees and leaving it there for a half an hour or so.  I didn’t get any breaking in instructions for my dishwasher, though, so I just loaded it with a small load and let her rip.  

I’ve never seen dishes so clean!

Later on, I backed a cake, admiring how my shiny red mixer looks on the granite counters.  The cake’s layers browned up beautifully in the oven, so now it is not only broken in, but christened.  I’m almost ready to run another load in the dishwasher.  And the fridge has also taken a brave step forward.  I have tomorrow’s turkey brining in it right now – turns out the shelves can accommodate my big canning pot, which, in turn, can accommodate a 13 pound turkey.  

This kitchen is really mine.  Far out.


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