Last night’s activities

I’ve been so busy with moving in, making the last few decisions about the renovation, and going back to work, that I haven’t spent much time updating this blog.  No fear, I’m still a narcissistic blogger who thinks everyone wants to know about where I place my lamps.  😉  

For the last few years, I haven’t entertained much.  I love, love, love to feed people.  I love having folks at my house.  I did it all the time in college, and again in law school, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing it very much after law school.  My place didn’t feel right and it didn’t lend itself to big gatherings.  Also, I had no table to eat at!  So I invited a few friends over Monday night, knowing that it would be helpful to get my ktichen squared away enough to entertain and also knowing that I don’t have the kind of friends who expect the house to be neat as a pin.  Real life happens here.  I whipped up a roast turkey and a little pumpkin cake, my friends brought sides and wine, and a good time was had by all.

Image  She’s a beaut, right?  It was so wonderful to have friends around my table.  🙂

And I guess you can see from that picture that my long-awaited appliances have arrived.  My dishwasher gets dishes so clean, they sparkle!  And my washing machine is very very quiet.  It’s so quiet I assume it’s hunting rabbits!  

And remember when I told you that I made a headboard out of a door that I took down?  I suckered asked my mom to come over and help me hang it.  It was a little dicey because the door is hollow.  I used wall anchors in the door itself, and held my breath a bit.  Then I used wall anchors in the wall, too.  Oh, but I should point out I used this little doo-hickey to hang the door.


It’s called a z-bar.  It is 18″ long and according tot he package, can hold up to 200 pounds.  I have the same type of hanger holding up an oval mirror in my entry way, so I knew how it worked.  The directions were great and we made a go of it.  i wish I had taken pictures, but I didn’t!  I decided I wanted the hanger to sit 4″ fromt he top of my headboard, so I measured and marked an 18″ line 4″ below the edge of my door.  Then I measured up from the floor to where I wanted the top of the headboard to be and used my trusty level to mark and 18″ line at the center of the wall.  I used my new drill — THANKS KNITTING FRIENDS! — and put in a few screws, et voila!  Behold, my headboard installed!


I need a better picture.  Where *is* my camera?  I don’t know.  But back to my drill!  My darling friends that I knit with every Sunday gave me a very generous gift card for home improvement projects.  I promptly used it to buy a serious drill for my serious projects!


Ain’t that a good lookin’ drill?  🙂


Speaking of my drill, here’s the mirror I was telling you about in the entryway.  If you overlook the empty box and the watering can (which I adore, but which probably doesn’t belong there), this part of the house is really starting to come together.  🙂


Photobomb by Goose.  I hung up my Nighthawks at the Diner print from the Hopper exhibit at the Smithsonian a few years ago across the way from here.


I think it’s going to stay there, but you never know – sometimes when you live with these things for a while, they ask to migrate.  The rest of the living room still has a long way to go.


Photobomb by Maverick.  Alright, that’s enough putzing ont he intertubes for now.  Off to get something accomplished in this house!


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