Crafty Time!

This is a good example of the before color – I didn’t take a before picture. Naughty blogger!

Lamps are expensive.  My dearest friend Sarah always comments that they are something that seems to cost more than it should.  I get that – lamps are pricey.  But, unless you happy to fall into one while playing football in your family room, they don’t wear out.  They can last decades.  They can certainly outlast their trendiness!  Case in point: the brass lamps my friend Cheryl gifted me with some awesome stuff when she cleaned her mom’s beach house out.

Upon first impression, the lamps were, how do you say, not precisely my cup of tea.  They were that bright yellow brassy color that was in fashion in the 80s.  My mom says it’s coming back in, but I don’t much care.  But after that first thought passed, I remembered the power of spray paint.  DUH!  I happily skittered away with these previously loved brass wunder-lamps, ready to take them home and work my magic on them.  I didn’t actually get to work much magic until more recently, however, since I had cleaning, organizing, packing, and unpacking to do.  I still do, really, but that’s neither here nor there.

The silhouettes are lovely, classical, timeless.  I’m so happy with how this guy turned out.

Here is the sad part: this is the only daylight photo I took.  But you can see that I rocked the oil rubbed bronze spray paint out.  Here it is siting next to its favorite new book from my friends* the Petersiks over at Young House Love.  And you can see another lamp that is waiting to be given the spray paint treatment sitting next to it.  Classic lines, right?  Just the one on the left feels right now, and the one on the right feels like 25 years ago.

*The Petersiks don’t actually know me.  Calling us friends might be a stretch.

Makes me happy.  Ooh, you know what else makes me happy?  That snazzy rectangular shade.  Picked that puppy up from Target.  The lamps came with shades that are a little more like the one in the first picture.  I’m not wild about them, but I am going to see if I can breathe some new life into them by using fabric spray paint and finding them homes in the bedrooms.  Anywho, a few more pics.

This gives you a better idea of the color and shows you a spot I need to touch up. I might go back and ORB the white plastic, I don’t know yet.

Isn’t this shade great? Feels a bit mod to me, nice contrast to the classic lines of the lamp.

In conclusion, I love lamp.  🙂  Actually, I lied.  That wasn’t my conclusion.  I showed my rejuvenated lamp to my mother, and she liked it so much she is going to do some spray painting of her own.  She has been very skeptical about my spray painting adventures, but now she is on team oil rubbed bronze!  I talked to her this afternoon and she told me she was eyeing up some brass candle holders she’s had forever.  That’s the ticket! Viva la revolucion de spray paint!


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