LIttle by Little

My computers are busted.  Yes, computers, plural.  Five years ago, at the end of law school, I splurged and bought a MacBook.  It was so lovely, so fine.  It made me feel woozy because of its aesthetic delights.

It was not to last.  I am hard on the things I own.  This is not so good when it comes to computers, especially expensive to purchase and repair computers.  *I am why I can’t have nice things.*  After going through one hard drive, one power cord, and one battery, I’m done putting money into the MacBook.  Its battery no longer holds a charge and I get the spinning wheel of death all the time when I try to browse the intertubes.  Truth be told, I gave up on the MacBook a while ago, and my friend loaned me an old Compaq laptop she didn’t use.

The Compaq served me well for many moons, but now the port where the ac adaptor gets plugged in is broken.  That is a little spot that often breaks in PC laptops (but not on Macs because of their fancy little magnet ac adaptor things), and it’s pricey to fix.  Luckily, my friend isn’t mad that the computer has been broken – it’s actually had a long and happy life.  At some point, I will try to get it fixed, if only to rescue the pictures that are trapped on it.  Sadface.  Until then, I am borrowing my work computer to get some personal writing done.  Shhhh, don’t tell my boss.  I’d much rather be spending my money on Elephant Culo than on replacing a laptop, but I think I will get a Chromebook and make do with that as long as I can.

Phew.  All of that said, my sweet mom made the curtains for my kitchen!  Between the computer debacle and discovering that the camera I couldn’t find is actually broken, I *still* don’t have great pictures to show you.  But it has been far too long, so, without further ado, I present to you crappy pictures of an untidy but cheerful Elephant Culo kitchen.


Above is from the living room.  That bookcase was a gift from a friend who is moving, and I stinking LOVE it.  Seriously. Love. It.  You can’t see it here, but it sits on a metal frame, so it’s not as bulky as a piece that went to the floor would be.  My favorite lamp is plopped on top of it.  I used to have two of those lamps.  My mom gave them to me as a gift after I saw them on a Young House Love Target shopping post and fell in love with them.  Sadly, when I was moving, one of the lamps was broken.  R.I.P. Target lamp.  But now I can feature the one that was left.  And this shot features something else – my tools all over the kitchen table.  #reallife


I just hung up matching cafe curtains over the sink.  They are adorable.  I will take a picture soon, promise.

Now that I’ve lived here for a month, I’m recognizing other things I’d like to change.  In the kitchen, there is a flush mount boob light (you know what I mean when I say boob light, right?) that has got to go.  Initially, I wanted it to go because it’s a f’ugly brass boob light.  Now I want it to go because it only has one 75 watt bulb in it, and it’s maxed out.  What a pitiful light fixture.  It’s a dim-watt, as my mom would say, and I’m putting it on notice.

There is also a corner of the cabinets between the dishwasher and the kitchen sink that is pretty much unusable.  There is a skinny door, and it allows me to get to the shelf directly behind it, but there is about a two foot by two foot area that is unreachable.  I’d like to go on the outside of the cabinets – the breakfast nook side – and add a door over there.  WILD right?


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