Drive By Update

Drive By Update, as in I am just zooming by wordpress to updated you, because I’ve got a lot going on, as always.

1.  I got a random check from my mortgage bank.  It’s not a ton of money, but it’s enough to replace my busted computer.  Helloooo Chromebook!

2.  I found tiny disco ball Christmas tree ornaments at Target in the Dollar Bins.  As my fairy godmother says, “DIsco balls are in year round.”  I am over the moon excited.  I think I will make a garland for the stairs with them for now, and then who knows where they will go after Christmas is over.  I”m totally channeling Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, here!

3.  Mamacita que Bonita is helping me try to rig up a way to fix the rubbermaid shelves that have the world’s crappiest hardware.

4.  My dogs are trying to eat a box of Kleenex.  They’re mostly succeeding.

5.  Every house-related project I have tried to do this week has been a mess.  Shelves with defective hardware.  Cute wreath made of ornaments and a wire hanger went gaboing! Ornaments everywhere.  Tried to drill holes for hardware in one of two kitchen drawers that mysteriously had no hardware – template is wrong.  It’s eating up all of my time to do fun things.



2 thoughts on “Drive By Update

  1. Welcome to the club. However, for proper acceptance, at some point you’ll need to invest in a white poly leisure suit. I’m not saying it has to be today, just at some point in the future.

    Also, since I suspect your gravatar is wearing a red wig, (or you have the best hair ever) this seems like something you’ll be down with…

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