Santa Baby, Put a Gift Under the Tree for Me

Still no new camera here in wonderland. My cheapo $20 camera seems to have failed – incredible. I got one weekend of use out of it, and it took horrific pictures.  Shame that I wasted money on that thing.  I did get the camera on my phone to behave, so I have a few camera phone pictures of the low quality that I trust you have come to expect from me to share.  Maybe Santa will provide a better camera!

Disco ball ornaments from the Target dollar bins; hot pink yarn from A.C. Moore. Legs of random pieces of furniture and accompanying shadows are optional.


Simply string the ornaments onto the yarn.  No need to knit or crochet or use ornament hangers – I don’t want you to strain yourself.  Apply thusly to a mantel and hearth that are looking good, despite being far from completed.


I swoon.  I might keep my pink tree and my disco balls up year round. They make me smile.

The water spot that showed up on my ceiling late, late, late Wednesday night, however, did not make me smile.  Plumber is coming out tomorrow, courtesy of my home warranty.  Keep your fingers crossed, please, that it is easy to figure out the problem and sort out a solution.  I want to get around to doing fun things, like spray-painting my fireplace screen and such!


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