Craftopia, Unf*cked

I discovered Unfuck Your Habitat this week.  I love it.  I’ve been in the house over two months now, and I am finding it so hard to focus on one task at a time – every where I look, there is more to be done.  After finding the tribe of Unfuckers, I decided to focus a leetle bit on Craftopia this weekend.  Behold.

DSCN0114So many things in here!  The fabric clipped to that window is grey and pink and yellow, but I cannot figure out how to make it look not-green on this computer.  Do you see Goose darting around the corner of the table?

Before from the mudroomTotally a space where you want to be creative, right?  Please to note my collection of aprons, WHICH I LOVE, hanging on the coat rack in the foreground.  This room is two steps from the kitchen, so this is actually a fairly convenient place for them.  Don’t mind the giant plastic baby (dog) gate.

Before front of the roomThe front of the room.  And . . .

Before centerI worked for 45 minutes.  I moved a lot of stuff to other rooms – Christmas bin was moved to where the Christmas decorations are, since they will come down this weekend; piles of drapes and curtains were dispatched to the upstairs closet; and miscellaneous tools were sent to live with their friends of like kind.  Look how unfucked this room got after 45 minutes! I can’t wait to go make some messes in there!

After looking back w table After Diet Coke

There remains a lot to do in terms of organizing the many, many projects, the yarn, and the contents of all of my paper-related crafts, and I have another work table to refinish that will go in here and I am going to make curtains and and and . . . but this is progress.