Merry Christmas One And All

Another successful Christmas is in the bag. I failed s as a photographer because I was too busy enjoying myself and cooking, which is, perhaps, the best way to fail.  Mamacita que Bonita hosted and we split the cooking duties.  Brother and Fiancee joined us, bringing gifts, cookies, and one sparkly, magnificent engagement ring.  I really wish I had take a portrait of the four of us. Whoops.  Oh, and the granddogs went to Mamacita que Bonita’s house, too.  They supervised, of course.

Trader Joe's Wrapped Gifts at ElephantCulo.wordpress.comI saw this on Pinterest, and so I went for it. I cut up Trader Joe’s bags, which I had plenty of, and used them along with Raffia and Dollar Tree ornaments to wrap most of my gifts.  They were a big hit!

DSCN0058Mamacita que Bonita got a magnificent sparkly bauble from her sister in law from Tiffany’s.  The bar has been raised, folks.

Goose supervising gifts at ElephantCulo.wordpress.comGoose supervised my gifts.  She made sure none of them were edible. She also drooled all over my mom’s knees.  Charming, I promise.  That little box in the front corner is the sassiest red toaster ever.  His name is Arnold.  That little cocktail shaker in the other front corner was for Mamacita. She didn’t have one, and that’s Not Okay, especially for a woman as fond of martini’s as my mom is.  Brother and I solved that nicely this Christmas.

Maverick on guard duty at elephantculo.wordpress.comMaverick’s barks really echo with these hardwood floors at mom’s.  He was guarding us. From what, we don’t know, but he kept his post up diligently.  That sparkly candle is one of many Mamacita que Bonita pulls out just for Christmas. She has a great stash of things like that candle, little pretties that gently remind you it’s the holidays.  I love it.  I also love her wedge-shaped side table – so nice for a small room.

Fiancee and Brother at elephantculo.wordpress.comIt is really sad that this is the best picture I have of Fiancee and dear Brother.  Brother is expounding on the virtue of his new shoes – Merrells! – while Fiancee listens adoringly. They are so cute together.  And even though I forgot to use it very often, I really enjoyed my new camera.  Hope to have time to throw a few posts up this week with more home-making minutae.  Much love to everyone who reads this during this season of light and joy. May the new year bring you much happiness.