A great and tragic loss

I’ve wrecked the carpet on the lower floor of my house.  I had it for 16 days before I ruined it.  It was lovely while it lasted.

It’s end wasn’t pretty.

I can’t show you a picture because, how funny, my real camera is broken, and my cell phone camera is so cruddy that it can’t capture the difference in color between the carpet as God intended it to be and the carpet after it was BLEACHED.

Foster Kitty James Bond, available at the Wake County Animal Center

That’s right, bleached.  Here’s how it happened.  I was in the 4th bedroom, which I was using as a temporary home for foster kitten James Bond.  There were a couple of empty boxes in there and several pieces of art leaning against the walls, and a big Ikea bag that had a gallon of bleach, a gallon of vinegar, and a gallon of windex in it.  That bag never should have been in that room.  That stuff belongs in the laundry room.  But you know how it is when you are moving and directing traffic, right?  So it ended up in the 4th bedroom.  Last Saturday I decided to move it out, but when I went to rearrange the bag, I knocked over one of the bottles.  I picked it right back up, but not before it spilled EVERYWHERE.

An unopened bottle of bleach opened up just because it got knocked over.  Yikes!

The bleach ate through the bag it was in and permeated the floor underneath.  I grabbed the bag up and whisked it out the back door as quickly as I could, but didn’t realize I was leaking bleach the whole way outside.  The result?  The bleach stripped the color from the carpet.  Wherever it landed, what was Driftwood Grey is now a flourescent lilac.  Never heard of that color? Take some acid, maybe you’ll see it on your trip.

I realize, in the grand scheme of things, that bleaching your carpet in the house that you have lived in for 16 days (at that point in time) is not a big problem.  it is, in fact, a total first-world problem.  But you know what?  It is my problem.  And it made me so angry and so sad.  I love having my little house, and I want so very much for it to be pretty.  Not making do pretty, like every rental house I’ve lived in for the last 14 years has been, but just plain pretty.

I’ll live with it.  I’ll make do.  Eventually, I’ll replace the carpet.  The big stain in the 4th bedroom is probably patchable; it’s near a seam anyway and it’s a manageable size.  I have a guy coming on Tuesday to check it out.  The pattern of drips in the den, however, that go out the 4th bedroom door, across the seating area, and then hang a right to go out the back door, and probably cover about 20 feet of carpet is not patchable.  You can’t dye an area like that either because the carpet is very new, making dying it difficult, and because dye doesn’t work over such a big expanse.  I can’t add area rugs because of where it is.  I get to live with it.  And I’m not happy about it.  I’m not crying over it, but I’m not going to pretend I like it either, because it is my very own first-world problem.