I don’t know

I don’t know when I’m moving in.  I am not sure when the old carpets will be ripped out and the new ones will be installed, and I’m not moving my stuff in while that nasty old stuff is still in there.  It looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 30 years – way too gross to fix with a vacuum or steam clean.

I don’t know when the appliances will be installed.

I don’t know when the vinyl floors will be installed.

My new counter tops will be installed on November 7, 2012, though.

. . . although, depending on how the election returns go, I might not be here to see them.

Thanks, M&T bank and Allen Tate Mortgage, for all of this uncertainty!  It sure is fun.


Feeling good (and a little impatient)

After a long month of being assured my loan transfer was being pushed to the top of the pile, and that it was a priority, it was finally officially bought by M&T bank last week.  I was really pleased to get a phone call Friday night at 7 in the evening from the associate who will be helping me get my money.  Woohoo for people working late.  Also, a brief shout out to my babysitting charge for that evening, who mercifully talked to his Blue’s Clues dog while I was on the phone.  🙂

I got my first water bill for the new house.  How about a $50 deposit, refundable after six months, plus a $50 fee just for turning the water on?  Dang!  Looking forward to that refunded deposit, though.  That will be nice six months from now.

My first electric bill for the new house came, too.  Progress Energy’s website is smart enough to realize that the SJF with an account on Dennis is also the SJF with an account on Lions Way, so I didn’t have to do anything fancy to get that account all set up for electronic payments.  I was impressed.  I bet I lose all of that easy-breezy functionality when the merger with big-bad-no-good-dirty-rotten-scoundrel Duke Energy is completed.

My old house is a MESS.  I mean, I’m usually messy, but the level of chaos in here is not fun.  Boxes everywhere, no where for guests to sit, and I just want to be done.  I’m talking to TROSA moving this week, so I’ll have an idea of what that will cost . . .  might be eating a lot of lentils and rice for the next few weeks!

Ooh!  The mail did bring two fun things.  The same lists that the scary insurance salespeople buy I guess can be bought by lots of other people, too.  Jersey Mikes welcomed me to the ‘hood with a coupon for a free sub and Bed Bath & Beyond gave me a 20% off coupon.  I’ll take it!

Misleading Advertising

A selection of the most recent crop.

About 15 minutes after my loan closed, I started getting all sorts of official looking documents from various banks and insurance companies.  A few of them were actually important documents.  But none of the docs you see here, of course, are actually important.  They are crappy advertisements.  That appear to me to be designed to trick folks into thinking they are actually part of their loans, or maybe even state required products that you have to purchase.  I’m not sure they go far enough as to be false advertising, but they really don’t sit right with me.

Important notice to me!  Complete and return!

Ok, if you say so.

Or not.  It even lists my lender, see how it is all shady trying to give itself some sort of air of importance?

I’m not buying it, folks.  Specifically I am not buying your random life insurance product now just because I have a mortgage.

THIS JUST IN: IF I DIE, Y’AL CAN HAVE THE HOUSE.  I’ll be dead.  I won’t need it.

  BULLSHIT!  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

Accidents are unpredictable, bullshitter, but your reasoning kind of falls apart after that.

This message has been brought to you by people against bullshit life insurance companies trying to sell you their bullshit products.  Also, if you want actual decent advice about mortgages and life insurance, you should go see what Clark Howard has to say about it.