And ORB wins it!

Not Orb, the winner of the Kentucky Derby, though kudos are indeed due to that gorgeous horse, but ORB, aka, oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.  Where would I be without it? A brassy and miserable place, my friends. Miserable.

Recall, the den started out heresville:

Fireplace and built ins, before.

Fireplace and built ins, before.

Add paint, add some accessories, and you end up around about hereseville:

Fp at xmas timeToday I decided that instead of cleaning, laundering, or cooking for the week ahead – or, God forbid I start the motion I need to file tomorrow before 9 tonight – I’d spray paint that brass fireplace screen.  The fireplace is wood burning, as you can see above, but I was told by a chimneysweep that it isn’t sealed properly, so it shouldn’t be used.  Whoops.  Goose and I really enjoyed this fire while it lasted.  It’s on the list of things to fix, but until then, it gets a $5.99 treatment. Onward!

IMAG0336I couldn’t find my painter’s tape. I just used it when I was painting the hutch. Where did it go? I have no idea. Post it notes make a wonderful substitute! Hint, hint, 3M.  This is not the world’s most perfect spray paint.  But it doesn’t matter. This thing is not long for this world because I am hoping to ditch it for a gas insert in the next 12 months.  And this was easy and nearly instant gratification. My favorite!

IMAG0338The lighting here is a little funky. My magical photo editing software that was on my old computer didn’t come preinstalled on this computer, so you are stuck with the photo as it looked through my phone’s camera. Blech! But you get the idea!  Now that this thing is bronzed, it draws way less attention. Just as it should be.



Hutch painted in RECORD time!


Hutch painted in RECORD time!

My darling realtor and friend gifted me this hutch that had outlived its welcome in her home. She also gave me sparkly doodads, which you might recognize as clear acrylic knobs. It is a little hard to tell in the picture, but the paint is actually a warm navy blue. The interior is (duh) PINK. And awesome. I doubted my plans to go navy and hot pink when I was at the hardware store, actually trying to pick a paint, but in the end, I remembered one of my DIY mantras: “Relax, it’s only paint.” I mean, if the pink turned out more Pepto than perfect, I could just prime and repaint. My friend C came over and helped me with the paint choices, sanding, and getting the first coat of navy blue paint on. She was a huge help and excellent company. She was also an excellent DJ, playing a live Buena Vista Social Club album. After C left, I touched up the navy and got to work on the four, count them, four coats of pink paint.


I swung by the new house Friday to find that the roofers were hard at work.

Agreeable Grey was up in the living room, looking very greige in the afternoon sunshine.


And it was starting to go up in the kitchen, too. The cabinets are NAKED without their doors on. Scandalous!

I still need to grab the door pulls that I like for the kitchen cabinets.  I just got a $10 Lowes card in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield (did you know you can get stuff like that just for telling BCBS that you eat your veggies?), so I might spend that on the pulls.  🙂  Fun times.


Moving on up!

Or at least moving on.  I received word today that the servicing company has purchased the loan, or conditionally approved it, and three minions people at the originating company are working on getting all of the conditions met to get this beast of a transaction completed.  I am a happy camper!  Thanks Don and fancy VP man.

Carpetgate is getting addressed with the help of my always fabulous real estate agent, Mary-Brett, who is going to grab samples for me from ProSource so I can pick them up tomorrow night.  This would all happen while I’m not in Raleigh during the day.  Time is ticking on the work, though, so I want to make this decision soon SOON soon.  Meanwhile, back at the house:

Dumpster is here!  I named him the Green Monster, no offense to Red Sox fans.  I love my dumpster.  I threw some trash in there tonight, and it stayed in there.  Thing works like a charm!

Lots of other stuff showed up, too.

Shingles, lumber, roofing nails, tar paper, and vinyl for wrapping the windows.  Hell yes!  Put all this stuff on the house!  Do the things to it!  I have no idea how most of this works!  Beware of flying shingles!

Painting supplies have descended on the family room, or maybe this is the den. I think I want it to be the den.

Primer is on the walls (and on the carpets, too!).

This den looks 2,000% brighter with the walls just primed.  The walls were begging to be painted.   You’re welcome, pine paneling walls, you’re welcome.

This is actually an improvement on the ceiling fan.

Primed cabinets. Slight issue with wood under sink. Slight meaning wood is totally rotten and donezo.

I’m still in love with this guy.  Doesn’t the new trim up there look nice?  Such an improvement over the wood valance that was there before.

And my friend and partner in renovation crime Dave came over and got the royal tour (same as the peasant tour, just use “we” instead of “I”) and then we poked around in the half-bath.  We dry-fit the pedestal sink and things are looking good!  We also took down the horrible, no good, very bad mirror.  It was just resting in the mirror clips.  At one point it was glued to the wallpaper, but the wallpaper had just slipped off the glue.  I also shredded some of the paper right off the wall with my bare hands – it’s really hard to resist that once that stuff starts pealing up.

No more mirror! No more 1980s vanity! Hello pedestal sink, you little minx, you!

Now I’m wondering if I can find some flooring at ReStore to take care of this little area.  Perhaps some Pergo?  Hmmm…Anyone want to hire me for some odd jobs?  Resume rewriting, manual labor, child watching, cooking, etc?  I have so many projects to fund!

I’m so happy to have so much progress to show y’all.  We are really moving now, or, as Mamacita que Bonita would say, now we’re cooking with gas!