Wish List

I’m in the house, so it’s time to update this list.

It’s been a month since I last updated the wish list, so here we go.  There is some progress, but you have to scroll to find it!


Who knows how much of this I’ll be able to get done with the renovation budget I have.  But there is always the tried and true, scrimp and save, and do a little at a time method.  These are by no means set in stone.  Aside from the first group, none of them are necessarily mandatory.  And I reserve the right to change my mind a million times.

Stuff in green is happening during renovations when I move in.  Stuff in blue is happening, but who knows when.  Stuff in black is the wishiest of wishes.

Not fun stuff, but necessary stuff:

  1. Replace roof 
  2. Replace HVAC
  3. Investigate bathroom leak  Replace master bathroom shower pan — that’s where the leak is coming from
  4. Install insulation above crawl space/attic accesses
  5. Fix fence at front left –  this wasn’t included in my renovation.  I’m hiring a fellow recommended by some friends for this project and will cash flow it.
  6. Upgrade windows


  1. Smooth ceilings – This is waiting until a later day.  The ceilings work just fine with their funky texture, so the funky texture stays.
  2. Paint  – Yes! This is happening! Professionals are doing it!  HUZZAH!
  3. Paint  doors  white or replace with solid wood doors


  1. Replace back door with metal door – Did you know front doors cost a lot of money?
  2. Insert dog door in porch door – rumor has it this will be a birthday gift from mom.
  3. Hang kitchen cabinets above washer and dryer
  4. Add flushmount light to ceiling – this is going to require the services of an electrician. Why would you create a room for a washer and dryer and include no overhead lighting?  Very dumb.
  5. Fix or replace bifold doors with solid doors  Bifolds in the Kitchen have been replaced with nifty curtains!
  6. Install pocket door to dining room
  7. Install Dutch door to kitchen.


  1. Remove cabinets over peninsula   Done!  Steve took care of this this week!  09/26/2012
  2. Paint cabinets
  3. Add open shelves on outside wall, over peninsula (cookbooks)
  4. Replace countertops with granite.  
  5. Tile backsplash – subway tiles. mosaic glass?  Definitely going to take this on as soon as I can.
  6. Buy and install appliances, including range hood   Went with a microwave and range hood combo.  Works great.
  7. Pendant lights or pot lots above peninsula?  Another project for an electrician.  Note to self: need to date an electrician.
  8. Buy and install pendant light for above sink.  Done by Steve this past week!

Breakfast Nook:

  1. Buy and replace light fixtureI already have a new one.  Just need to install it.  I decided my funky DIY chandy doesn’t belong in here now that I have a fancier light over the sink. 
  2. Replace railing with knee wall?
  3. Banquette with storage along knee wall and under picture window?
  4. Remove door between kitchen and living room  Done!  Did this the day after I closed, too, on 09/14/2012.


  1. Paint paneling and built ins
  2. Add additional bookshelves to built ins – buy along with hardware from lowes
  3. Remove shelves from cabinet to right of fireplace; create cubby for Maverick – another DIY project  This is almost done.  Need to get some foamboard to create a faux wall to hide some cords.  Then I need to convince the dogs to actually hang out there!

Downstairs Bedroom:

  1. Replace exterior door
  2. Replace light fixture

Powder Room:

  1. Remove wallpaper – Katelin’s going to be drafted for this!
  2. Paint
  3. Paint trim out white
  4. Replace vanity with pedestal.  
  5. Rip out existing mirror and replace.
  6. Remove toothbrush holder and cup holder  

Living Room:

  1. Window treatment for bay window
  2. Cushion for bay window

Dining Room:

  1. Replace light fixture
  2. French doors to living room
  3. Window Treatments

Entry Way:

  1. Fix closet door

Hall Bath:

  1. Fix vanity/baseboard issue

Upstairs Bedrooms:

  1. Ceiling fans

Front Yard:

  1. Change out house numbers for something visible
  2. Motion sensor lights over driveway and approaching front doors
  3. walkway to side door
  4. Paint front door.  Done!  09/25/2012
  5. Tear out grass in front bed
  6. Install foundation bushes
  7. install foundation annuals

Back Yard:

  1. Add screening plants to all three sides
  2. Add lombardy pines to the park end
  3. Tear down existing shed
  4. replace shed
  5. Build walkway from mudroom door to living room patio
  6. Build fire pit
  7. Build horseshoe pit
  8. Install hot tub (HA!  A girl can dream, right?)
  9. Create dog run so dogs don’t wreck fancy fire pit, horseshoe pit, or gardens
  10. Gardens for veggies
  11. trees for fruit (figs!)

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